I knew from the age of five that I wanted to write for a living.

I carefully crafted my first work out of scrap sugar paper and staples. Encouraged by Mum and Dad and their obvious desire for peace and quiet, I carried on.

My first Brownie badge was the writer badge. I couldn’t be bothered to do more than four other badges and I can’t even remember what they were.

I was a crap Brownie.

As a grown up I gravitated towards roles in communications in the not-for-profit sector. Arts, theatre, education and charity is where I felt I can - and do - use my powers for good.


I specialise in writing kick-ass case studies but clearly, I'm no one-trick pony. Get in touch if you need awesome...

  • blog posts

  • articles

  • website pages

  • brochures

  • ad campaigns

  • flyers

And anything in between.


​Is your google ranking a bit iffy? I can help with that. Content is King and I can make sure that your content is as effective and as concise as possible.