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Did you know that as well as writing copy for business clients, I also write wedding speeches? 

Well, I do. Get it? I. Do.? Never mind.


Writing and delivering a kick-ass speech can be daunting. If you have an important speech to make, you want it to be memorable, smart, impressive but most of all, enjoyable for both you and your audience.


If the thought of the important speech looming large this year is giving you sweaty palms, I can help.


I can write your speech for you. Whether you’re the Best Man, Father of the Bride, Groom or Bride herself, we can work together to make a speech so awesome people will be talking about it years from now (and in a good way. Not because you managed to offend the bridesmaids, spill your drink over Grandma or passed out).


How does it work?


You’ll fill in a very simple form that gives me an idea of what your speech will be used for, how long you’d like it to be and any initial ideas or information you want to share - nothing too tricky.

I’ll then call you to follow up within 48 hours where we’ll have a chat and we’ll go into a bit more detail. 


I’ll go away and work on your speech, then provide the finished article in a word document. I can provide 1 set of revisions to perfect it and I will include a recording of me reading the speech just to give you that extra confidence that you’ll be delivering the speech the way it should sound.


I offer an inexpensive service for a unique and personalised speech. Heartfelt, funny, or even as a PowerPoint presentation, the theme and tone is up to you.



I’ve written a speech already, but I’m just not feeling confident about it.


That’s OK. Get in touch, and we can chat about how I can help. It might be that you’ve got an amazing speech already, and it just needs a few tweaks.

Can you write me a poem?


Yes, of course. 


Come on then. How much?


I’m going to be awkward and say it depends on many factors; how long do you want it to be? Is it a poem? 

Fine. I’ll give you an example

A check over a speech already written £25

1 page speech with 1 round of changes and voice recording £99

1 extra round of changes £25


Do you only write speeches for weddings?


No. I’m a copywriter and can turn my hand to almost any writing project. Need to make a speech for a job? A eulogy? Award ceremony? Script for an ad? You get the idea.

I'd like a speech please

Thanks for submitting!